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As an independently owned global company, Unique Group is a leading integrated solutions provider across the global oil and gas, renewables, subsea and defence markets. Unique Group delivers bespoke, off-the-shelf engineering solutions and cost efficiencies across the oil and gas supply chain — onshore and offshore, surface and subsea.

Unique Group employs over 500 people worldwide through its seven multi-site divisions: SurveyEquipment; Marine & Subsea; Diving & Life Support; Buoyancy & Ballast; On-Site Engineering; Specialised Boats and Medical Technology.

Its 200-plus dedicated engineering specialists work across nine strategically important global oil and gas regions — USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, India, South Africa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE.

Survey Equipment: leading sales, service and rental provider of survey and inspection equipment, offering some of the latest technology available from the world’s top manufacturers.

Diving & Life Support: One of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of marine and commercial diving equipment to the oil and gas industry.

Buoyancy & Ballast: Design, manufacture and engineering solutions for the world-leading SEAFLEX brand of underwater air lift bags, buoyancy systems and WATER WEIGHTS® proof load bags.

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