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Market Leader Through Innovation

Many fire scenarios can be tackled successfully only if foam is used. To achieve this, a foam concentrate must be admixed to the extinguishing water at high precision. FireDos is a globally acting specialist in the design and production of high-quality foam proportioners and monitors for firefighting.

With its headquarters situated in Germany, the company developed an innovative admixing concept already more than 20 years ago, which consists of a water motor and a piston pump. Beyond exact proportioning across a wide operating range, the FireDos proportioners are characterized by an eco-friendly working principle as no foam or premix is generated when testing the equipment. The focus on quality is proved by approvals like the Europe-wide VdS accreditation or the international FM approval.

While over 13,000 stationary FireDos proportioners have been installed in industries like chemistry or oil and gas worldwide, numerous fire departments decided upon this system too. The next generation of optimized proportioners is currently undergoing approval testing.

In 2013, monitors for firefighting were added to the company’s product portfolio. The ‘Oval Flat Design’ ensures a longer reach of the extinguishing agent jet. These monitors can be actuated manually or electronically remote-controlled.

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